A weekly letter

Yesterday my Aunt Sarah called me and said, “you know what you should do? You should  act like you’re on the mission again and just write a weekly letter on your blog!”

Well that’s definitely the encouragement I needed because here I am!

Cari amici, (dear friends)

These last few weeks have been absolutely amazing and just what I needed! We went on a Morris family trip to Israel and it was one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on. Not just to walk where Jesus walked and see important biblical sights, but to study the scriptures in those locations and be taught by incredibly educated scriptorians. I will definitely do a separate blog post on this because it was that amazing.

Thanks to the crazy weather on the east coast getting home we were delayed a few days (and I even bought a ticket even though I work for an airline and have travel benefits!) It was crazy! When I got a seat on my flight in Frankfurt I just burst into tears I was so happy ?

I am happy to be home and get back to work. I am grateful for the amazing opportunity we had and that I was able to feel closer to my Savior. I am grateful for a new year, for new beginnings, and just the feeling of endless possibilities ahead.

Buon Anno tutti! It’s gonna be a good one, I can feel it in my bones.



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