favorite summer moments | blogtember #3

Saturday, Sept. 3: Now that summer’s at an end, share a list of favorites from the season!

For today, I’m supposed to write about my favorites from the season!  I’m assuming that means my favorite makeup, blogs, fashions, etc.  And the thing is, I’m just not very good at really knowing about makeup brands and skincare products and stuff.  So instead, I intend to wrap up my summer adventures with pictures and maybe throw in a few favorite things as I go.

tl;dr – just look at the pictures and you’ll get the gist of my summer.

I debated for a while and finally cut off my long beautiful locks.  I am now growing it out again so that’s how that turned out.


Shortly thereafter I graduated from ASU. It was great because I graduated.  I definitely look better in maroon than navy blue, but I’m a BYU cougar at heart.  Also, during the ceremony no one knew the ASU song.  It was sad.  Everyone just stared at the singer who was supposed to be leading us along.  And I’m just humming in my head… well, see the snapchat below.

graduation collage

2 days later I was off.  First to Toronto for a conference. I loved Toronto. On my last day I had a few hours before my flight took off and I rented a bike (the best way to see any city) and biked around to look at the pretty buildings to find the renowned ice cream shop, Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery.  They are known for their ice cream sandwiches and waffle cones.  I got the flavors toasted marshmallow and cinnamon.  AMAZING.  The ice cream melted into the hot waffle and it was heavenly.  I seriously could travel the world just to find cute ice cream shoppes.


They are known for their ice cream sandwiches and waffle cones.  I got the flavors burnt marshmallow and cinnamon toast.  AMAZING.  The ice cream melted into the hot waffle and it was heavenly.  I seriously could travel the world just to find cute ice cream shoppes. Here is the ice cream again because you really deserve a close up shot:


Then I was off to DC for a quick day trip for meetings with a university there. I saw the white house and then fell asleep in the airport.


I went to Boston after that but I was so exhausted I never made it around to any sightseeing.  Just working from my hotel room was enough for me.

A few weeks later I headed out to Denver for an international education conference.  There was some time between meetings and Saturday evening after a bunch of classes.  I got to see my bff Karina who just happened to be in Denver.  We saw A Great Big World concert for free and toured around Denver a little.  Dallin flew out and met me the next day and we found ice cream there too.  We went to a cute famous bookstore that was like heaven. I really, really liked Denver.  I could definitely see us settling down in Colorado some day, we both really loved it.


After I got home from Denver I gave Dallin his late birthday present – Comic Con tickets!  Not my thing but it’s Dallin’s favorite and I have to say the people watching is amazing. (Also, if anyone can tell me where our costumes are from I will seriously take you out to ice cream.  We actually spent our honeymoon watching this show haha.)


After Comic Con we headed up to Utah for 3 weeks. I got to meet my new brother Austin and it was a blast to spend so much time with family.  I also finally learned how golf finally works as I drove the Morris boys around in a golf cart.

st geezy collage

One major summer highlight was also Pokemon Go walks.  We have gotten outside way more because of it and I’m slightly obsessed with catching them all for never really playing Pokemon as a child.

pokemon go balboa park

Our summer has wrapped up with our last business trip to San Diego. It was beautiful and fun and much needed after all of the work.

lighthouse coronado

So, while this might not typically be a “favorites of the season” post, we had a good summer.  I love to travel and try new things.  If I had to pick 5 favorites from all that I’ve written, it would be:

  1. Food – That ice cream up there in Toronto.
  2. Place we traveled – Denver. Especially the cute book store.
  3. Activity – Pokemon Go
  4. Style – Those Costco mom shorts because it’s so hot and they’re modest, so yay.
  5. Photo – That cute lighthouse.

So there you have it!  My summer favorites and a summary of an eventful, busy summer.

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