a last minute business trip

When you get a call from your boss on Thursday morning telling you to drop your plans get tickets to go to San Diego for a business trip for the weekend, you go and you don’t complain.

We work for a group of universities doing international student recruitment for them.  The main purpose of this trip was to develop relationships, talk to the students, and get marketing materials – i.e. lots of pictures.  So, quite literally, half of our day on Saturday consisted of seeing all the sights in San Diego and taking pictures of them.  Once again, not complaining.

Of course, the main reason for not complaining is Pokemon Go, duh.  There are a very limited amount of Pokemon in Arizona and San Diego is supposedly filled with lots of water Pokemon  (That is a whole other topic that I will write about later). I take my riding shotgun role very seriously.  We switched between the phone and the camera as we walked around.  Working and catching Pokemon at the same time is a great gig, let me tell ya.

Balboa Park was an epic Pokemon hunting ground, considering the historical things everywhere, everyone playing, and lures up at every pokestop. Dallin held a gym for like 30 seconds so, it was a win win.

pokemon go balboa park

I loved the park too!  I love just walking around and soaking up the culture of the park.  There were a ton of pokemon people, free museums, and pretty buildings.

Our hotel had complementary diet coke and I made Dallin take this picture of me because it’s just so “classic blogger” and it made me laugh so hard/it seemed like fun to make fun of those people since I hate being the solo subject of pictures.

classic blogger

Dallin is the real photographer in the family, but I stole the camera a couple of times and took some shots.  This was the shot of the San Diego skyline.  We drove around and there were some pokestops on the pier with the local fishermen doing their thing. I admired them – just standing there, not looking for Pokemon, and just waiting, waiting for something to bite and being completely content with the process of waiting. I feel like I’d go crazy like I wasn’t accomplishing anything, but they just stood there and waited and chewed sunflower seeds.  It was quite impressive.

the dockWe drove over to a recommended spot – Sunset Cliffs. It was beautiful and relaxing and kind of hidden. Without too many tourists and just the sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs, it is easily my favorite spot in San Diego.

Sunset Cliffs

The cute Seaport Village.  Since we needed to get pictures of all the tourist destinations, I figured we park in Little Italy and then walk to Seaport Village and to the Gaslamps district. I didn’t think it would be too far apart.  9 miles of walking (literally) later I thought Dallin was going to kill me…

sunset at seaport village

Coronado Island is also the place to be when you are in San Diego. After we got off work we spent our evening on Coronado Island and just soaked up the waves.


As I have struggled with addiction to constant connection (smartphone addiction, anyone?), the beach was almost therapeutic (I left Dallin to the awesome beach Pokemon catching).  I put away my phone and just lay on the sand and soaked up the sunshine and the sound of the waves.  The constant need to distract myself and be entertained is difficult, but I lay there and marvelled as I watched others play beach volleyball, play ping pong, and read real books. It seems so rare to see people interacting without technology involved these days.  I never wanted to leave that beach.  Although it was crowded with tons of tourists, the sound of the waves drowned out everything and did exactly what it needed to do for me.

lighthouse coronado

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