The First Trimester

It feels like a dream to even type in the title for this blog post. I’ve dreaded journaling anything about this trimester because of so much fear and doubt in my mind that it would be too good to be true. I don’t know how I’ve been so lucky to have gotten this far, but I am so grateful and still pinching myself every day that this is real life.

My doctor was super excited for me when I let him know the news. He was kind enough to schedule an ultrasound and check all of my bloodwork to make sure everything was going well at around 6 weeks.

The first time I started feeling nausea I was so excited! The first time I threw up I felt like such a victory. I don’t know who is happy about morning sickness (more like night sickness for me) but I’ve been trying to soak up every second of it.

About week 7 nausea hit. I was trying to stick to doing keto during my pregnancy, but as soon as I felt nauseous meat has been the last thing that I want to eat. Like NO meat for me. I only wanted to eat the blandest and carbiest foods for weeks 7-12. I’m talking saltine crackers, french fries (no salt), mashed potatoes, toast, cheese pizza, and more crackers. I’ve found that if I don’t eat every hour I feel sick to my stomach and wanting to make a trip to the bathroom. I’ve gained a little more weight than I’d like to admit, but I’m trying to be super kind to myself throughout the process. I will say it has been an insane emotional rollercoaster and relationship with my body that I’ll probably open up more about in a separate blog post. After having weight loss be my focus for so long, seeing my body gain weight has FREAKED me out. And seeing my clothes get tighter, it has been the weirdest feelings of guilt. But I’m focusing on the miracle that is the female body, embracing my chubby cheeks, and loving every moment that I can.

At week 10 I got to go in for what is called my “intake” appointment. Everything looked great still! Something that I thought was hilarious was that they started asking me about my birth preferences right away. The nurse explained the importance of skin to skin and then asked me if I would prefer for the baby to be cleaned and get a diaper before doing skin to skin, or if I would like to do skin to skin right away. I opted for right away, but I thought it was just hilarious because I hadn’t thought of anything like that yet!

I haven’t documented any “bump updates” because it feels other wordly too me, like if I do that it will jinx the pregnancy or something. But here’s a pic with me and my two babes just hangin out.

By the time I’ve published this, I’m at 18 weeks and now a few weeks into my second trimester 🙂 Time is going by oh so fast.



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