Conquering Angel’s Landing

Dallin and I spent Saturday morning hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park – probably the most popular hike and most photographed view of the park. We only live an hour away from this beautiful place and we finally bought a National Parks pass so that we can keep going back during the summer. (Another reason to come visit us…)

I have to admit I was scared because I had heard how terrifying it was. I only slipped once and gave the guy behind me a heart attack (his exact words).  The entire way up Dallin and I made a plan of attack of how we would try to save ourselves if we fell.  To be honest whatever we came up with was absolutely terrifying and I think all you could do is pray and hope you survive…

The hike isn’t for the faint of heart and you definitely want to be in somewhat good shape for it.  Also, the earlier the better because once you get to the scaling the cliffs part with the chains there start to be lines. We had the perfect timing, brought along a backpack with some water and snacks for the top, and had a great time.

Oh how I love this husband of mine. He took the Instagram husband duty very seriously and made me laugh the whole way up.

angel's landingOk. So there are HUGE thousand feet drop offs on either side of me here. It was so beautiful that it was worth it, but definitely scary.

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