our early Christmas present: Italy

Since we were going to Berlin for  a work conference, I told Dallin we just had to make a quick stop in Italy. And when I say quick stop, I mean very quick. A day in 2 major touristy cities in order to show him all the sights that I could. Florence and Venice.

Italy is beautiful. Going back was a very strange sensation for me – to return without seeing any of my dear friends, it was difficult to say the least. I realized that I have romanticized Italy. I have built it up in my mind (the sightseeing, at least). But the people, the people are my absolute favorite. And since I didn’t have time to see anyone, I know that I have to go back. And I have to go back very soon.

Here are some pictures from our adventures:img_4185

Dallin hates asking others to take pictures of us and this is the best we could get with the selfie stick. But we saw the leaning tower for like 5 seconds before we had to run and catch our train to Florence.


Dallin took this picture and we laughed so hard because it seriously looks like I’m making out with the pizza. I love pizza more than Dallin, it’s okay, he understands.


And this pumpkin, ravioli, TO DIE FOR.img_4307img_4298 img_4282 img_4224More to come on my one day in Florence itinerary, but email me if you would like some recommendations for my favorite gelato and pizza spots.

The next day we took a train to Venice. I didn’t take our camera around and take pictures because it was raining, but I got a few!

img_4375Convincing Dallin to spend 80 euro on this was worth it since I had dreamed of the gondola ride every P-day. (Dallin has a different version of the story, let’s just say we still disagree about this…)

img_4422 img_4434Venice is a magical city, there really are no words.

It was a quick trip but it was so much fun. Thank you Dallin for letting me show you around.

And of course, the best part of Italy:


Oh gelato, I miss you.

Italy, I will return, I promise.


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