Perdono, bici, e Pordenone

Cara famiglia,

So I have like 10 minutes to write this today because we were really bad with timing today so I apologize!

Things in Mestre are going really well, and I have had a lot of learning experiences to say the least. But, we’re focusing on less-active work, that’s for sure. Lots of people have gone inactive in the last 1-2 years due to people getting offended. So, the lesson for this week is: FORGIVE AND FORGET. PLEASE. It’s not worth it. Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of this for all of us; he is always willing to forgive us. And He is so patient with us with all of our shortcomings, and uses us to help others. Like Holland says, it most be so incredibly frustrating for Him, but it grows us and grows others.

Cool stories from the week:

I convinced Sorella Gillette to get the bikes out of the cantina and use those instead of public transportation. Funniest thing ever 🙂 Sorella Gilllette on a bike! Yay!

I did my first scambio in Pordenone with Sorella Burkman, my dear sorella from Rimini! Pordenone is quite a patriotic town and it’s by an American base so they have a ton of American food and I was freaking out.

We went to Venezia for pday last week and mamma mia it was beautiful. Like, it could be more beautiful than Firenze. It’s magical and so unique.

I love you all and please forgive me for writing so little!
Sorella Strong


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