Fillipini e date per il battesimo

Cara famiglia,

Can I just say, it has been a great week here in Mestre? The work is totally picking up! Let me tel you some cool little miracles.

So, last week Sorella Gillette was here in Mestre while I was in Pordenone, and they passed by an inactive who we are teaching. Her roommates that she lives with were there, and one of them is an inactive member from the Phillippines. He said he hasn’t gone to church for 10 years because he has moved here and has to work on Sunday. He lives with his girlfriend who isn’t a member and she was interested to learn more. We went back and taught them a couple days later, and let me tell you, we have had some amazing lessons and shared some wonderful spiritual experiences with them. On Sunday, for example, we watched the Restoration film with the two less-active members, the girlfrend, and another friend, and at the end of the movie, tears were shed and they all expressed knowledge of it being true. They are reading the Book of Mormon and are having their prayers answered through the words. Yesterday, she was reading and praying, and when she opened the Book, the words were perfect for her. They have accepted to be baptized in 2 months! We have a lot to do to prepare them, but it has been so miraculous. I love teaching people from all over the world, and they are so open and kind to us.

We also have another baptisimal date that Sorella Gillette set on her scambio, which is the wife of an inactive member. She’s from Germany, but speaks Italian fluently, and is very open and feeling the spirit when we meet. She told us she just feels so much better and happier after meeting with us and after prayer, and she is beginning to recognize the spirit. It really has been such a great week meeting people who truly are prepared to hear the gospel.

We are working hard, and almost all of our investigators are coming from referrals from our less-actives we are working with!

One little experience we had this week was going to find a referral that a member gave the sisters a little while back. He is an older man who lives completely alone. When we knocked on the door, he didn’t know who we were and we couldn’t go inside because there wasn’t a woman. (He also wasn’t wearing any pants…) We tried talking to him a little bit about the plan of salvation, and he just kept saying that he was waiting to die. It broke our hearts. He was really kind though, and was just suffering so much. The neighbors came out and almost called the police on us. After we explained everything, they left, and we offered a prayer for this Signore. The prayer was simple, I just prayed for him to feel peace, God’s love, and God’s presence while he was here in this life. As I was praying, he broke into a loud sob. When I opened my eyes, tears were streaming down his face and sobs were shaking his body. He thanked us profusely. It was quite a spiritual experience, actually, and I feel so grateful we truly could be God’s instruments that day to help this man feel God’s love.

I love you all, and I know the gospel is true with all of my heart. The mission is a roller-coaster, filled with ups and downs, but as we do our best to do what God wants us to do, all will be well, and everything will happen the way it is supposed to me.

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong

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