L’alleanze-letter from 4/9/14

Cara famiglia,
I just love reading everyone’s emails about conference!  I loved conference! I feel like the world got a whole lot more evil than when I left, and I kind of like being separated from it all 🙂  The gospel is true! It should be the center of our lives.  When Jesus Christ is the center of our lives and we put Him above everythin else, everything will fall into place and we can be confident that we are on the covenant path to return to live with Him.
It’s been a week filled with lots of ups and downs, with some very spiritual and funny experiences.  Friday, our dear investigator was baptized 🙂 She was just glowing and glowing with the spirit.  Anziano Malzone, the anziano who found her, baptized her, and it was beautiful.  Everything fell into place, even though we were running around everywhere to get everything taken care of, it worked out perfectly 🙂  Our members came through, and it was a sweet experience.  Before she entered the waters of baptism, we bowed our heads in prayer and she offered the most beautiful prayer, truly promising God that she wants to follow Him for the rest of her life.  The spirit just washed over us.  Mamma mia, che bello. Veramente.  She reminds me of my grandparents, and how they found the church and the lives of their family members were competely changed.  Her life will completely change because of the gospel.
Sunday was some beautiful sessions of general conference, and now we’re back to trying to find some more people to baptize.
And! WE just found out yesterday TUSCANY AND RIMINI are combining to become a STAKE! YAY!!!! So, I might get to see my dear Rimini people here in Firenze 🙂 Speriamo bene.
I bought a new camera so I took a TON of pictures 🙂 I will send them.
I know this church is true.  Miracles are happening.  I love you all.  Pray for us 🙂
Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong
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