Un miracolo ogni giorno-letter from 4/16/14

Cara famiglia,

I am so sorry my letters seem to be so scattered lately.  I don’t know how to form thoughts anymore in this language.  I know I say that all the time, but it’s true!
We have miracles every day.  Let me share them with you. (From last p-day)
Wednesday miracle: Fiesole is beautiful. (see photo)
Thursday miracle/story:  We went to pass by a couple members and less-actives who weren’t home, so we went out and it the streets. This giant African Nigerian man  stopped us.  He’s a prophet and Jesus is his grandfather 🙂  We passed him over to the anziani and they’ve been having some fun teaching him 🙂
Friday:  We taught Doris, my favorite Nigerian ever.  She just has such a great love for everyone around her, and she answered some prayers for my companion and I.  She teaches us more than we can teach her.
Saturday: Easter egg hunt/party!  With English speakers!  We met a lot of friends of some of our members and were able to plant some good seeds and hopefully meet them in the future.
Sunday:  We went and passed by the store where one of our investigators works and her client was there.  She began opening up to us about how her mother died and it’s hard to be happy sometimes.  We got to share a little bit of the plan of salvation and our investigator ended up teaching a lot of the lesson too 🙂  When she saw the Book of Mormon, she said she felt something immediately, and wanted the book.  It truly was a miracle!  When we read Moroni’s promise with her, she said, yeah, I felt the spirit when i saw the book for the first time 5 minutes ago.  Che bello, no?
Monday: Another awesome story!  So, last week after English class my AWESOME companion invited one of the students to come to church.  She does it with such enthusiasm that I don’t know how anyone can say no 🙂  We called him Saturday night and he showed up!  Turns out the anziani had found him about a month ago and that’s how he found out about english class.  They have started teaching him now and he wants to be baptized when he gets an answer.  There’s a ton more to the story I can’t pu online or confidential/saftey reasons but he is awesome! AND, it was our new converts birthday so we appropriately celebrated with gelato 🙂
Tuesday:  yesterday we did some finding work, yay! And, we got badoned (stood up) but our member who came for our lesson at the church was so kind and we were able to spend some time getting to know her.  I love these people so much 🙂
We’re trying to build our teaching pool and do more member work, it’s just that our time is so spread thin biking all over creation in our huge area!  I love staying busy though, so I am not complaining.
I am studying the last week of the Savior’s life this week, and I just want you to know, I love Him 🙂 I finished reading James E. Talmage’s Jesus the Christ and the Book of Mormon in Italian, and the book is true, even in another language 🙂  I have been reflecting a lot about what I’ve learned, how I hope I’ve changed, and everything.  I am becoming much more confident in myself, in the sense that I know Heavenly Father is the one behind this work, so I really just have to my best to be His instrument, and I’ll do whatever is asked of me. I’m learning about more effective ways to teach and to truly help these investigators progress.  My capacity to understand Spanish has SIGNIFICANTLY improved. I can pretty much understand it, just not speak it. So that’s cool. yes, spanish, not Italian.  My companion is teaching me so much about so many things, and I just love her so much!  Training is such a blessing, because I am blessed with just so much love and desire to help, even if I don’t always help in the best way possible, I’m trying.
Sorry it’s so long today!  I dind’t really know what to write about this week, but know that I love you all and you are all in my prayers!
Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong

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