the spring break life

Another advantage of transferring to ASU was that WE GET SPRING BREAK NOW.  It was the best thing ever and the break was just invigorating.

Mostly because we got to go on a cruise.


5 Common FAQs about Cruises and My Responses:

Do you get sick?  It was a little weird to be on a boat at first, but once you get used to it, it is totally fine.  Plus, if you wear one of those sea sick patches it’s totally doable.

Is the food good? This question is totally relative and depends on who you’re asking.  Now don’t get me wrong, the endless amount of food available to you is definitely nice.  It’s good food, but it’s not food I ate in Italy or anything so… I would give it a solid B.

 Do you just gain a ton of weight?  You definitely could, but I didn’t (ok… 1 pound.  But my weight fluctuates between 5 pounds every week anyways so I didn’t think that much about it)!  I guess I was lucky.  I mostly just didn’t want to get sick so I wasn’t super tempted to overeat.

Is it really expensive?  I think it’s a great deal.  You’re paying for entertainment, hotels, and food.  When you put all of it together, it’s actually quite great deal.  Plus, we don’t drink – and that’s where these cruise lines make all of their money anyways.

Are the excursions worth it?  We went snorkeling on one of the excursions and it was totally worth it!  Otherwise, it’s just up to you.  Once you get to the island or wherever you’re going, you can decide if you can find a local who can do the same thing for you for cheaper.  Or, you can just relax on the beach and soak up some sun.

8 When I first walked on the cruise ship I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it was a boat!  How could all of that float on the water?10 The water was so blue I couldn’t believe it.  It was my first time in the Atlantic ocean. Look at us in front of our boat!  It was HUGE.  I was shocked.13Fancy dinners every night were included and just a part of the deal!  I tried duck for the first time and got to order dessert every night without feeling guilty about it. 17 Cruising with Dallin’s parents was so much fun!  I definitely would recommend going with friends.  You might get kind of bored if you don’t.18Endless pina coladas while reading and getting tan? Yes please.  (I read that book by the way while on the cruise – Amy Poehler’s book.  It was good!)

All and all, it was super fun and I would definitely recommend it.  I think I still prefer the endless adventuring and sight-seeing, but a cruise vacation every once in awhile is definitely worth it.  I think it would be an even better vacation once we have kids that are a little older.  Endless entertainment for them, constant relaxation for us 🙂

Have you ever been on a cruise?  What did you think about it?

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