talking to myself in Italian

Tonight I started having a conversation in Italian with myself.  I was about to take an Italian test and decided that I should probably refresh a little bit.  I started talking to an imaginary person, telling them all about my life and how wonderful it was.

And I honestly felt like a different person.   I started bearing my testimony.  I started seeing positive things in my life that I had failed to recognize.  I started talking about all of the things I am grateful for.

Every day on the mission I wrote down a miracle that happened every day.  It changed my life.  It taught me to see the beautiful things in every day.

IMG_0683 IMG_0013 IMG_0291 IMG_0737 IMG_0858In all of these pictures I look so tired, but you can just see “la felicità” – the happiness in my eyes.

As I spoke in Italian to myself, I spoke of happy things. I used my hands a lot. I felt my eyes twinkle and I smiled.

The people I met in Italy changed my life.  My companions, my friends from all over the world (in all of the pictures above we have represented: Nigeria, Peru, Italy, and the Philippines), and the random people on the trains and on the street that we tried to make smile every day.

And I’m resolving to be happier.  I’m resolving to find a miracle every day.  Even if it means I only speak in Italian for a while 🙂 Because life is so good, il vangelo di Gesu Cristo è vero e può benedire le nostre vite quando lo seguiamo e lo obbediamo.  E quando vediamo il mano di Dio. Perchè c’è, ma a volte non scegliamo di vederlo.

Vi voglio bene,




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