curse of breaking things

I have a curse.  No really, I do.  And while I write this I can’t even laugh at myself anymore.  I just want to cry.

It all began with my Dell computer a year ago.  Don’t even know what happened, it just decided not to turn back on again.  Started making weird beeping noises and overheating.  I lost everything.  After a couple weeks without a computer I decided to rent from BYU.  Let’s just say I went through SIX of them.  Same sort of thing, they decided not to turn on.  One couldn’t hold a charge for more than five minutes.  Sometimes I would back things up, other times I forgot to back some stuff up.  So I hardly have any papers or anything I wrote from my freshman year of college.  After going through six PCs, I bought a Mac.  Haven’t had any problems whatsoever.

But the computers are only just the beginning.  I dropped my phone in water.  Oops.  Had to borrow someone’s.

I went on a bike ride on Karina’s bike.  Crashed it.  Broke the tire.

My ipod.  Kept deciding not to play stuff and the computer finally didn’t recognize it anymore.  It’s dead.  Maybe it got dropped too many times, I’m not sure.

I crashed my family’s car on the way home from Utah (sorry, guys).  This one really isn’t that funny, more like traumatizing.  But my roommates still insensitively laugh at me about it.

When I came back from AZ to Utah this year, my camera all of a sudden had a lens error.  No idea where that came from – it was working in the airport and decided not to work once we landed in Utah.

When I was in California I dented a bike rack.

And now, just yesterday, I wake up and my phone decides to completely die on me.  The touch screen is fried.  It lasted me so long….like 8 months.  That’s a record.

So now I’m phoneless, without a camera or an ipod.  My computer still works, thank goodness.  And I was smart enough to get insurance on it just in case.

I also seem to have a problem with breaking toilets too.

I know material things aren’t what make life wonderful.  But I like having working electronics.
I have a problem.  I swear, I don’t throw my phones against the wall or smash my cameras with hammers.  Maybe I’m clueless, maybe there’s some rule to technology everyone in the world knows about except me.  If there is, could you please tell me?  Because I’m sick of this.

I think I’ll go cry myself to sleep now 🙂

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