Un abbraccio da Dio

Cara famiglia,

Here we go, starting transfer #10 in the city of Mestre. #freakingout

I just wanted to share a couple of experiences with you this week! I am here with Sorella Lopez, and we are just having a blast. She makes me laugh every day and has so many stories we just could entertain ourselves for days. We’re expecting miracles, because let’s be honest, this girl brings miracles with her where ever she goes.

I wanted to share with you about a couple of lessons we taught this week, and how different they all were.

First one is with our Philippian investigator. We fasted with her this week because she has to work on Sundays, and can’t get baptized until she comes to church 3 times. We are trying to help her make these commitments. As we asked her about how she feels when she’s reading the Book of Mormon she started crying and said: “It’s like God is giving me a hug.” I just loved that. She recognizes the spirit so easily, and truly knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God because of that. I just lover her so much!

Sorella Lopez is such an amazing missionary because she isn’t afraid to open up and share experiences and weaknesses that she has if it means helping another person. We had a break-through with one of our less-actives this week, it was absolutely beautiful. We understand where she is coming from now more, and we are trying to follow the spirit to know how to help her. I know that sometimes it is hard, but as we truly open up and do what God asks us to do, even if it seems really hard, miracles will happen. It was hard not to cry the spirit was so thick. #thedistrict

Last night, we taught a woman from English class. She is reading the Book of Mormon, but seriously attacks everything we say. It is bringing me back to high school and humane letters a little bit. She’s asking really deep questions, which I love, like : “If God knows what we’re going to do (i.e. the fall was a part of God’s plan), then do we really have free agency? Why should I believe in the spirit world if I haven’t seen it? I need proof. How can I gain faith if I don’t even have the seed?”
We are trying so hard to testify of the power of the Book of Mormon, how this book is the proof, but it’s so hard because everything we say isn’t good enough for her. But, I know, I know with all of my heart, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That it is the proof. It can be the proof, if we are open enought to let it touch our hearts. It can be the truth, if we just let God give us that hug. I know He wants to. I know He wants to because every night, when I kneel down to thank Him for the day, for the miracles we have seen, and I plead with Him to open the hearts of these people and lead us to find the people He is preparing, He gives me a hug, pats me on the head, and fills my heart with peace.

I have a question for you, if you happen to read this, and I know, I’ve been forgotten about by many at home, but, if you read, just email me, and tell me this: How do you feel the love of God? How do you know that He loves you? And, if you’re struggling finding the faith, where do you begin?

Vi voglio un mondo di bene! So che questo è veramente il vangelo restaurato sulla terra oggi So che Dio mi ama, e che Dio vi ama. Agiamo così, ok? Va bene?

Con amore,
Sorella Strong

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