Today we spent the majority of the day on a boat…

Cara famiglia,

Today we spent the majority of the day on a boat. Yep. It’s allowed because it’s public transportation and we were taking a water taxi to some of the islands in Venice. It’s pretty 🙂 We saw a lighthouse on the island of Murano, and all the pretty lace and colorful houses on the island of Burano. But, the vaporetti (water-taxis) were taking way too long today. We had the blessed privilege of being on the boat with some seasick travellers…. Fun fun. We’ve also been with Sorella Jarvis and Sorella Hamblin all day because Sorella Jarvis got to come back to Mestre. Due to some train problems and such we’ve been on scambi since Monday until tomorrow 🙂 WE’re really stretching out the food.

This week has been a great week of missionary work! The weather has been super crazy, so the rain has been keeping us on our toes. We walked outside with a light sprinkle, and by the time we got to the end of our street, it was a storm and we were fighting against it with our umbrellas. It was pretty fun! But, the woman we went to see was extremely touched that we came to see her depsite the crazy weather.

Due to the loss of my money a couple weeks back, we’ve been stretching it really really thin. But, Heavenly Father provides for us. One time, all we had to eat was crackers and cream cheese, so we prayed that the food could multiply in our stomachs so we wouldn’t be hungry, and we weren’t hungry. And then, Heavenly Father sent us angels all week. For example. Our ward mission leader bought us pasta and sauce to eat for the week. Then the next day, we were fed a delicious lunch. The next day, a less active gave us pizza and canteloupe, and the next day, a member brought us each our own bag of cookies. And, we all know that my love language is food, so I was really happy to say the least. Sometimes, I feel like I’m sad that we keep giving and giving, and get no one seems to care, help us, or anything. But then Heavenly Father just looks at me and says, oh sorella, you’re so silly, I’m sending angels to you with food. The littlest of a miracle is the biggest of a miracle, really.

I did a scambio in Verona again this week with Sorella Gillespie. She’s so great and we had so much fun! Miracle story: We had a little bit of time before an appointment with a member, and so we passed by some old-investigators that Sorella Acerson and I had taught, and they were home and had some interest again. Miracles. I feel so so so blessed to be able to go back and serve in the city where I felt like I did not get enough time. We saw one of the members, the one who always flexed his muscles, called me Sorella Forte, and spoke in his shaky, german accent. He vaguely remembered me 🙂 But, as I was riding home past the arena, seeing places where I remember contacting people, teaching lessons, etc., etc, I had a humbling moment that I have known this whole time, but now I’ve accepted it. I suppose this whole time I’ve been preoccuppied that I haven’t left my mark on the city, that the members won’t remember me and that I haven’t comepletely every area I’ve come to. But, these areas have changed me. These people have changed me. And even if they don’t remember me, I will always remember them. Always. They have taught me so much from their examples in everything. This is Heavenly Father’s work, not my work. It doesn’t matter as long as I am doing His will. As long as I give my will to Him, consecrate everything, and not hold anything back, it all will make a difference, whether for me or for someone else, it will change someone.

Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Strong



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