The Park

I’m sitting on a bed with a shower cap on my head because I am doing a deep-conditioning treatment.
I still have to unpack my suitcase.
3 road trips in 8 days? (Seriously.) Now that’s a lot of road trips.
See I drove to Vegas (then I had a little accident) Thursday.
Then I drove back to Utah on Tuesday.
Then I drove to California on Friday.
And now I am privileged to be living with my aunt and uncle near the beach in the perfect weather with their five beautiful children.
I’ll be back to AZ in August. Then ten days later I’m back in Utah for training for my job.  Then school starts and that’s when life goes crazy but adventurous.

Today I went to the Park with the kiddos and I made some observations.

I want to go back to the days when my imagination was my life.  Give them a toy car or some mini angry birds and they can be entertained merely by their imagination.

Bubbles are the best thing ever especially when you can chase them and try to catch them in your mouth.

I finally found monkey bars that were tall enough for me today.  And when I tried to do them I couldn’t.  Not because I wasn’t strong enough but because it hurt my hands – they’re not callused enough. {Meanwhile the children are climbing up and down and all around the bars without a second thought of it hurting their skin – it’s fun!}

A kiss makes most owies feel better.

Trees that are climbable are impossible to pull kids away from.

I’m a scardy-cat compared to my cousins.

I wish I was bilingual so I could fit in with everyone else at the park.

Firetrucks are the coolest things ever.

I can’t jump off of heights people ten plus years younger than me can.

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