taking over the ward Christmas party

Whenever Dallin is given just a tiny responsibility, he ends up going way above and beyond and everybody loves him for it.  This is why he is the dream employee and also the dream husband.

Last month we had our ward Christmas party for our local church congregation.  The responsibilities were divided up such that the women had the food responsibilities and the men had the set-up and serving responsibilities.

My sweet husband Dallin worked for a catering company all throughout college so he considers himself an expert in all things food related.  He understands the way food should be lined up in an assembly line for maximum efficiency and the directions that the lines should be facing. He is particular about the way food is placed and all of these details that I had no idea existed.  He went to the party early to help set up and halfway through he texts me… “Bring me my old catering apron.”

Ok well now I know things are getting serious, and I start to get worried because whenever Dallin asks for his apron you KNOW he means business and things are getting real.

I show up for the Christmas party and Dallin has redone the entire organization of the tables and food and improved efficiency 1000%. I try to help a little but he has his system down and I don’t want to mess with it.

After the party finishes, he starts walking around with a garbage can and his apron and collecting all of the trash.

Now while you might expect someone to complain that you were left with a job that was never yours in the first place, Dallin was happily going about, collecting people’s trash and chatting with all of our neighbors.  He stayed late to help get everything put back and brought home all of the extra apple pie.

And then he came home and said, “well that was fun!”

I married a keeper guys.



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