Today I was driving home. Alone.  I was a little tense.  Maybe because I haven’t driven or been by myself for a really long time.  But I was doing good.  Only one person honked at me.

And I was sitting in the car thinking.  Thinking about how 2 weeks ago I was in a beautiful place doing a beautiful work for my Savior.  And how I want to keep serving Him,  I just don’t know how He wants me to.

And then I looked to the right (trying not to swerve) and Heavenly Father just told me that He loved me.


I just happened to be next to the neighborhood park.  It’s a beautiful park where people come with their dogs, play frisbee golf, and do archery.  So I drove up there.

At the top of this park is a little outlook.  An outlook where I’ve come in the past to think and pray and ponder.  And maybe Heavenly Father gave me the sunset and brought me to the park so I could be alone to think and pray and ponder again.

As I looked at my beautiful Arizona sunset, I remembered how much I had missed them. I mean, Italy has sunsets, but not like this.  And I prayed.  I thanked my Heavenly Father for all of the things He taught me on the streets of Italy.  For all of the inspiration He gave me as I rode my bike in the Italian countryside at dusk.


And as I looked over that familiar sunset, it reminded me of going finding one night in Firenze and finding a woman from Ukraine and praying with her in the park.  She burst into tears as we prayed for her daughter and her husband who had passed on.  We never saw her again, but we prayed with her in a park very similar to the one I was at tonight.  And while tonight I definitely couldn’t go up to the random people and ask to pray with them, I prayed by myself.

And I felt at peace.  I miss the biking and tag and Italy, but I served with all of my heart.  And I know that Heavenly Father always reminds us that He loves us, through the beautiful sunsets.  They always come at those perfect moments.  When we get so caught up in the business of life, and all we have to do is just go a little higher and look at the bigger picture of things, and we see so much beauty.  The things that seemed so big are really so little.

Being home hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be, but I definitely miss it.  I feel like I’m watching the world and like I’m watching myself. Sometimes I have little moments where I really feel like myself, and I think I’ll get there eventually.  Just keeping the sorella in the Emma, just like how I always tried to keep Emma in the sorella. If that makes sense.

And andiamo avanti.  Because no matter where we are in the world, He loves us.  We just have to sometimes stop a second and appreciate the little sunsets in our lives.

SAM_0174Sunset in Rimini

SAM_0499Sunset in Firenze across from the Pontevecchio along the Arno

Isn’t it beautiful?

Vi voglio bene,


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