Stiamo provando il nostro migliore

Cara famiglia,

It’s getting cold here in Rimini! I’d imagine it is at home too (not):) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA! I ate gelato to celabrate for you, I promise.  And I sent you something  in the mail so let me know when you get it.
Writing in English is getting more and more difficult.  I think in half English, half-Italian, I can’t pray in English anymore, but yet when I need to talk to people I can barely speak Italian 🙂 It’s pretty confusing sometimes.
This last week, not gonna lie, it was a rough one. But, we really are trying our best.   We are trying to talk with everyone in our path, strenghthen our members to be better missionaries, etc. Just, sometimes, we don’t have any investigators and we just deal with it.  Correlation was a tough moment, when Emilio asked us if we had hope.  Maybe we seemed a little down trodden 🙂  We are trying so badly to have hope! We pray for hope every day, and we push, and push, and push ourselves.  And as long as what I am doing is good in the sight of God, I can’t compare myself to anyone.
 We can work harder though, we can always work harder.
Domenica was a beautiful day, though.   We had people in church, family members of members, and the spirit was beautiful.  We got to eat lunch with the Caramia famiglia.  They are such an inspiring family of missionaries.  He taught us so much.  He is the district president here and has such a great vision for missionary work here in Rimini and the surrounding areas.   He shared many mission stories, scriptures and asked us to do a training for him with the district.  It was wonderful!
I realized that as missionaries, we really do nothing.  Once we start thinking that we are the cause behind something, or that another missionary is the cause behind something, we wary.  Because it’s the Spirit.
And, the more we ignore the promptings of the Spirit, the less the Spirit will guide us.  I can’t pray to be led to people to teach when when I’m walking down the street and I see someone that I feel like I should talk to, but I don’t, and then complain when I come home that we aren’t teaching anyone.  It doesn’t work like that!
This week, we went to the mall for P-day with Emilio and Illaria.  Can I just tell you? I am so happy to have a year and a half where I am separated from the world as much as I possibly can be. I don’t have to worry about all of these material things and be distracted by things that in the end really don’t bring us happiness.  Just a thought.
We went and ate lunch at a Wild West restaurant.  I had a burger for the first time in 6 months.  It was almost as good as one from America 🙂 The mexican food though… yeah, Italians can’t do mexican food.  And we can’t do Italian food 🙂 I like food!
I love you all! Follow those promptings this week! Do your best, and love those who surround you.
Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong
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