Sometimes You Find Yourself in These Random Places

So that morning you wake up, expecting to go on a nice long solo road trip back to AZ.
You miss the turn.
You call your mom, feeling really stupid.
Your Uncle calls you to give you directions.
You decide to take the Vegas route.
On your way on the ramp down into Phoenix you make a little mistake.
You panic because the ramp has a sharp turn.  You graze the side.
You panic again.
So you over correct your turn.
And smash your car into the other side.
Then the air-bags go off and you think, is this really happening?
Then you say a billion little prayers in your head -simultaneously.  This IS possible.
The car comes to a stop.
You realize you’re not injured, you’re completely fine.
The car, isn’t, though.
You follow what you learn the first day you can talk – call 911.
You don’t start crying until you say the words “I got in a car accident.”
They say, “Where are you?”
You tell them – but you’re not from Las Vegas, you’re very confused.
They re-direct you to highway patrol.
They’re coming.
You call your mom.
You don’t want to scare her since she’s so far away but you don’t know what else to do.
Luckily, you have another uncle that works 10 minutes away from where you are.
He comes to your rescue.
You feel really, really bad.  Because you just totaled a car.  And you thought you were a good driver.
Your neck is scraped from the seat-belt.
The policeman is really nice and says, “you’re safe. it could have been a lot worse.”
You have a ticket.
The car is towed away.
You go with your uncle, who takes care of you.
You go to work with him.
He buys you lunch.
You eat it a yummy salad with oranges and almonds and drink water and take deep breaths.
You go to your uncle’s architecture office.
You think, I was not expecting to be here today.
You get a call from your dad, making sure you’re okay.  Telling you they’ll take you to the doctor just to make sure everything’s okay.
You still feel really bad.
Because you’re 19 and you wanted to prove that you were grown up and could do a road trip by yourself.  And this is gonna cost a lot of money.
You drive back to your uncle’s house and are welcomed by a loving aunt and cousin with delicious dinner and homemade chocolate chip cookies.
You calm down.
You put some Neosporin on the scrapes you got on your neck and on your knee.
You talk about college and try not to think about the traumatic day.
You get a flight home from Las Vegas to Phoenix.
You sit in an airport and write about your traumatic day.
You think, I should have just flown home in the first place.
And you’re eternally grateful for families who take care of you always.

Sometimes, you find yourself in these really random situations.  Doesn’t that make life interesting?

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