Some outcomes of my summer

All of these things have a story behind them.  Deeply personal stories, but these are the outcomes.

This summer has reaffirmed some things for me. Such as:

– I know my major! (Anthropology, as it has always been)
– I am going to backpack Europe sometime in the future. 
– Someday, I will have children of my own.  Just not all at once.
– I love Seth, Becca, Isaac, Rachel, and Jack.
– California weather is heavenly when you live right next to the beach.
– I can do hard things.
– I crave adventure, but I fear it.
– I have been living in another world.
– Life is short. Embrace each moment.
– Be a listener.
– Just be myself.
Heavenly Father answers prayers, even if we don’t expect Him to.  And learning of all of these things, in some roundabout way, has been an answer to my prayers.
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