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Today is Sunday.  A beautiful day of rest dedicated to God.  It is 11:00 pm, which means no one will probably read this once I publish it, but I made a goal to write every day this month and gosh darn it, I’m going to stick with it.  I love the prompt that was written for today, but being the Sabbath, I decided to do something a little different.  (I will be publishing the other 2 prompts tomorrow.)

Today was a unique Sunday because it is what we call Fast Sunday.  For the first Sunday of every month, we come together as a worldwide church and we fast and donate offerings.  We do not eat for 24 hours as we consecrate our hearts and minds to God. Fast Sundays can be difficult because of the lack of food, but it gives us the opportunity to focus on everything that God has given us and to praise Him.  It allows us to consecrate this Sunday for Him.  Usually, I fast with a specific focus in mind.

I spoke with my husband and asked him if there was anything that he was specifically fasting for today and he said, “not really. Today was more of a gratitude fast. Life is just so good right now and I’m grateful for it.”  I hadn’t quite always thought of it like that.  Usually I fast as a way to show my Heavenly Father that I’m committed to Him and I’m like… “could you please bless me now please?  Could you please just answer my prayer right now? I’m fasting, so I’m sacrificing, so please…?”

But Dallin helped me remember the absolute most important thing that I learned in Italy was the powerful concept of “not my will, but thine be done.”

will horizontal

Jesus Christ submitted His will completely to the Father. He knew that the sacrifice He was about to make would be the most significant event in human history as well as the most difficult thing He could ever do, and He surrendered His will to God, whole heartedly and completely.

christ praying

I look towards my Savior to give me strength. I know that decisions can be difficult.  Sometimes we don’t understand why God is leading us down certain paths.  But I know that when our will is His will and once we can give that to Him, He will give us everything.

Happy Sabbath everyone.

Heavenly Father loves you.  Jesus loves you. And because of His grace, we can become all that He wants us to be. We just have to surrender everything to Him.

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