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This weekend Mom and Dad Strong went to Washington DC for business/pleasure and they asked Dallin and I to hold the fort while they were gone.  “Sure! No problem!”  We said.  Thinking it would be cake considering everyone knew how to clothe, bathe, and feed themselves, we agreed.

Thursday I went to support Mary at her track meet!  I biked over from ASU and watched.  That girl can RUN!IMG_2943

Dallin came and picked me and my bike up and we went back to work. Then after work we picked Anna up from basketball practice.  The first day was pretty simple.

Friday was a little bit more complicated.  It went something like this:

  • Wake up early and make lunches.
  • Take kids to school in the morning.
  • Go to work.
  • Go back to my apartment to pick up Dallin’s old spikes to take to Harrison at 2:45.
  • Go back to work.
  • Go pick Anna up from school.
  • Do Anna’s hair for her concert.
  • IMG_2952
  • Pick up Anna’s friend to go to the concert with her.
  • Take Anna to her choir concert. (Emma’s duty.)
  • Take Anna home from choir concert to change clothes.
  • Take Anna and friend back to friend’s house.
  • Take Ben to his basketball game (Dallin’s duty).
  • Buy milk.
  • Make dinner.
  • Talk to everyone about their day.

Meanwhile, while I’m driving everyone everywhere, Dallin was working and then completely cleaned the entire house.  He went through the giant freezer in the garage and found meat that was 6 years old.  He’s amazing.  He then cooked all of the meals the entire weekend. Luckily he likes doing these kinds of things.


I talked to my mom that night and she said, “Do you have a lot more respect for me now?”  I laughed.  I said, “I don’t know how women who have full-time jobs also do all of this stuff!”  Worrying about work and homework and carpooling people everywhere exhausted me.  Just waking up early in the morning and getting everyone off to school was exhausting, and then to go in for a full day at work…. I did not want to do that!  Props to all the working mothers out there.  I don’t think that’s the life for me.

Saturday we decided to treat the family to some more fun adventures.


Driving to Golfland in Mesa for… LASER TAG!!

IMG_2963The highlight of the day was…

sodaliciousSODALICIOUS!  Seriously, I have missed Provo mostly just because Sodalicious is there. They opened one in Gilbert a couple of months ago and I just barely had the chance to go.  It was pure bliss.

The girls and I ended the night by attempting a DIY avocado oatmeal face mask.


Yes my siblings were very lucky we took them to play laser tag and get sodalicious all in one day, right?  They’re pretty lucky.  And they’re some pretty good kids, too 🙂 My mom is amazing for all that she is doing. Investing time and energy in your children is the best payoff, and it was pretty obvious that’s what’s happening while we got to be there and “play parents” for the weekend.
So yes, while we may have decided we’ll be fine with just 1 child ( 😉 ) it was a lot of fun, exhausting, and I think we’ll be good parents one day.  Well, that’s the hope, right?

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