Plato’s Republic and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

For Plato, governments seem to have a natural progression. A just city will begin by establishing an aristocracy to guide itself toward the good. As those leaders lose sight of the good, focusing on their own power and desires, the aristocracy will rot into a timocracy, an oligarchy, and so on. It is almost inevitable that this occur. Once a tyranny is established, the next step is back to an aristocracy or otherwise just form of government. This can only occur when one who has experienced the good is willing to return to the cave as it were (an analogy Plato uses in Book VII) and direct the city. An instance of this occuring will be discussed. This progression can be applied to the process all energy on Earth goes through. It is all derived from the nuclear fusion occuring on the sun that makes it into our atmosphere. As energy is used and changed, it is transferred into different forms that are not as easily utilized. One could say that it is being corrupted. As energy is transferred throuugh different mediums, it becomes harder and harder to use efficiently. This is the natural order of energy until all energy is eventually turned into heat—a virtually useless form of energy. It takes no effort for anything to transfer energy into a more corrupted form, but in order for it to be converted up the steps of entropy, there must be a net input of energy. This process is uneasy and somewhat unnatural—like unto the idea of an unjust regime such as a tyranny evolving back into an aristocracy or an otherwise just form of government.
– Ryan Lanning

Just a little note from myself. I love Plato’s Republic. (See side, “Favorite Books). When I read it in 11th grade, my mind was completely opened.
And connecting it to the 2nd law of Thermodynamics? Now THAT’S just awesome. Good job, Ryan. I had to put this on my blog. Because I love little nuggets of philosophical wisdom, especially connections between subjects that usually don’t seem connectable. When you’re a famous philosopher or politician one day, can I have your autograph?

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