my week counting sheep

Dear Sleep,

I miss you. Did you forget about me? I’m starting to forget how wonderful you are.
Every night, I lie in bed praying that you’ll come back, and I’m starting to get desperate.
I even bought Advil PM today.
You taunt me though, you visit me during the day while I’m sitting in class.
I don’t even know what counting sheep means, anyways. Do I just imagine a field of sheep and count them? That makes my brain hurt. Anyways, I’d appreciate it if we could be friends again.

According to “wikiHow,” this is how one can try to fall asleep:

Having difficulties sleeping? One method that has been suggested over the ages is to count something. For some cultures, the famous symbol to count at night is that of the sheep. It’s a visualization exercise that will create a gentle rhythm that may help you to fall asleep by banishing other thoughts and worries. And a good night’s sleep is the best guarantee of good health, allowing you to wake up refreshed, ready to tackle any problems that might otherwise have kept you awake.

It doesn’t create that “gentle rhythm” for me, but hey, if it works for some people… more power to them.

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