my hair dilemma

Tomorrow is my last (in person) class of my undergraduate career.  Freaking out?  Maybe just a little.

It’s also Wednesday and our house smells like weed and stale cigarette smoke thanks to some lovely neighbors that probably just moved in since it just started and now I realize what that smell on campus has been this whole time. (Thanks Dallin for teaching me what weed smells like…)

But I’m more focused on the fact that it’s my birthday on Saturday, our one year anniversary on Monday, finals week next week, and then on Tuesday I’m getting a haircut. I feel like the haircut is the most exciting thing that’s going to be happening because it has literally been 7 MONTHS SINCE I GOT A HAIRCUT.

I’ve also had the same haircut since high school.  I just… need a change.  I’M ABOUT TO GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE.

I don’t know what to do.  I’ve been sporting (if that’s even the right term) the subtle balayage/ombre look  (ok, more like the tired ponytail look) for a while now and I’m just debating.

Bangs? No bangs? I don’t really have the forehead for bangs so I feel like I’d just look like I’m 12. Should I do what Taylor Swift did and just bleach it and chop it off?  Maybe I should get a pink/purple look going? (I actually would do it but I have to travel and have grown up meetings for my job all month so that’s probably not going to work…) Maybe I should trying going dark because I’ve been blonde for the last 4 years?  (But it’s summer and we all know blondes have more fun….)

I literally downloaded that hollywood app where you can upload a picture of yourself and try on different celebrity hairstyles. It was a failure because the wigs were falling off of my face and looked so fake I couldn’t really get a good picture. Plus I look like a man with wigs on. Anyways.

funny hair

I mean this hair crisis is real guys.  There are so many different options and some look terrible and some might look half decent but I want a change so badly that I’d almost go for the terrible one.

This is also just a semi reflection of my life.  I am about to graduate and look at all of the things I could do now! I mean a bad haircut could actually ruin my life. Trying on different hairstyles is one thing but actually getting the haircut is another.

In the end I’ll probably just get a trim and touch up on my same old highlights and leave just feeling safe and in my comfort zone. It’s safe and likable and normal.  It’s Emma.

But if you have any suggestions seriously tell me because this actually a real life girl superficial dilemma.

K thanks.

Love you all.


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