my break through pictures

First off. California.

first taxi ride

view from the kitchen
 not complaining

yeah I pretty much have
the cutest cousins
in the world

too many Christmas sweets
this wrapper is my motto
for next semester as well

chocolate milk bottle

not even staged
they seriously all just gathered together
one by one as Seth read to them.
pretty adorable

another ocean view

frozen yogurt expedition

the children before their Christmas program

beach sunset
I have a thing for sunsets.
who doesn’t?

panoramic view from mountain

Home Sweet Home.  Arizona. 60 degrees and beautiful.

I have some cute little brothers

yeah, we’re a pretty good looking bunch
things get a little crazy with 9 people
we love our Mexican food
we are from Arizona

Christmas Eve feast

scarred for life?
Bruce the stray dog
he’s come around a lot apparently
he likes to harass Zoe
poor thing

another sunset
this time in Arizona
I love Arizona sunsets

Christmas carols
we all take a turn at the piano
flute, violin, clarinet
17 voices
the Strongs, the Baers, and Sister Jackson

9 stockings
10 including Zoe
yes, Zoe has a stocking

our 15 foot Christmas tree
it’s last year standing

Mark’s Christmas Eve PJ shirt
I’m a Mormon.
I know it. I live it.  I love it.

Christmas Eve Pajama tradition

this is my Dad
he loves Zoe
and wolf books

Christmas Eve tradition:
walking down the stairs youngest to oldest to see what Santa brought
we all slept together in the same room

Anna gave each of us a note
this one wasn’t even that funny compared to the other ones

catching up with old friends
Scavenger hunt – find a drink with two straws

lots of cuddling with Zoe during wisdom teeth recovery

picking our Arizona grapefruit

New Years Eve
such a party
Thank you to the Merrills

old friends
yes I won at bowling
still not very good

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