muffins, parades, mountains, and awkward family photos

Friday night I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. you can find the recipe at
its technically bread, but muffins work just as well.
they’re even better on the second day, because all the flavors absorb into the muffins.
Friday, Ellie and I went to the temple. It was busy and filled with BYU students. I even ran into Carlie from home 🙂 I’m so blessed to have a temple within walking distance.
Last week it was freezing. You know how in my last post I’m super happy go lucky, yay, go fall, I love the cold? well. I can honestly say, the cold and I are distant friends, and hopefully someday we can learn to appreciate each other. as of right now, my relationship with the cold is pretty shaky.

it snowed this weekend. yes, it snowed.  I called my mom immediately and panicked appropriately. my roommates all started unpacking their winter clothes. I did too. you know what I have? 
5 long sleeve shirts and 2 vests.  they all have gloves and wool socks and heavy coats and rain boots and fur boots. 
me? I think I probably ought to go shopping. 
Saturday morning I was in the BYU Homecoming parade. I got a free t shirt and passed out fliers and candy to little children.  It was freezing and I was exhausted, but I fell in love with Provo that day.  There are so many young married couples, with little kids who were so excited to get free jolly ranchers.  They are sweet, and I now understand why Provo is called “Happy Valley. “
we won Saturday night against San Jose. the first half was pretty exciting but the second half…not so much. it’s okay though, we still won 🙂 I love football games, they’re one of my favorite parts of the week.

Sunday night we drove up to the canyon with a bunch of friends to celebrate Lindsay’s birthday. good times, many laughs, and inside jokes were created.  too many silly pictures were taken, and too many hands were cold.

awkward roommate family picture in our Sunday clothes

Monday I worked and slept at Grammie’s house.  This morning I arrived to find many post it notes and hearts all over my wall, and it made my day.
Sarah (roommate Sarah) got very poetic and wrote:
auntie em —
I love you so much. your hair is like sunshine. your lips are like a velvet dress on a windy day.  your eyelashes are sexy.
I laughed so much I almost cried.

Last week was freezing and jumbled. Many memories were made, and I smile looking back on it.
This week is crazy.
College is a lot of work.
Monday I had 2 papers due.
Tomorrow I have a HUGE anthropology paper due.
And a Book of Mormon test.  And Book of Mormon tests aren’t easy. Let me tell you. You’d think I’d know all the answers since I’ve been reading and studying the Book of Mormon my whole life. nope. not quite.
I better go study 🙂

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