Money, Money, Money.

Managing money is difficult.
I make money. I have a job.
Then I spend it.  I don’t spend it on useless things. They’re things I need.
Like gas.  And shoes. (No, I really do need shoes.  I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes to school for the past year.)
I’ll spend it on food, or lunch for myself.  Well, not very often, but sometimes.
I spend it on things like flashcards to memorize Italian words!
Oh, and then I had to pay my rent for next year ahead of time.

I have enough money to live, but I want to save my money for too many things on which I have to decide.

I want to travel Europe on my own.  Well, with about 6 girls.  (If you’re interested, please let me know.  I want to backpack/ Eurail it.)
I think it would be way cool to do a study abroad/ field study in Italy (pricey).
I am preparing to serve a mission in a couple of years.
Someday, I’ll get married, and I’ll need money to do that.

But, there aren’t enough hours in the day to earn money for all of these things!
It’s okay, I’m not complaining.
As my dad reminds me, “We’re weaning you into independence.”  I guess money is where it starts…

This is life. I’m growing up.  And I can do it 🙂

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