Miracoli sempre vengono quando cerchiamo

Cara famiglia,

So I don’t think my inbox has ever been so full in my entire life! A lot of old companions are home and I just loved reading all their emails 🙂

But, we’re still working hard in Mestre, the work goes on! And let me tell you, my new companion, Sorella Bennett, she’s HILARIOUS. And, she is FILLED with energy, depsite the fact that she is going home in a short 5 weeks (say what?) so we are working hard. Bennett is a biker, so, we have brought out the bikes in full force again and I am happy. Can I just tell you? It is way easier to fall in love with a country when you bike it. I’d recommend it, I’m tellin you.

Our investigators are still doing well. I am learning a lot of patience here, in knowing that the Lord’s timing is not always our timing. We are trying to help them keep their commitments. There is so much desire, it’s just a matter of actually doing it and putting our faith into practice. When we have true faith, we will do something about it. We will put God to the test and follow His commandments! How many times do I have to say that?

I know that things happen for a reason. This week, a ton of our appointments fell through, and I felt like we should go pass-by a less-active who has been ignoring us for the past 2 months. We went, she was home, and she let us in! We are back in the doors again and working on bringing her back, little-by-little. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes bad things happen for an even greater reason. God always will give us a miracle when we look for it. No matter what our circumstances are.

On another note, this week I biked into a pole, we got a ton of Italian food recipes from a less-active, and last night was a full-moon. Life is good. This gospel is true, and it changes lives.

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong

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