Marriage = Mission= Marriage

Dallin and I work together. We sleep together, we eat together, we go shopping together, we travel together, we do everything together.  Sound familiar?  IT’S JUST LIKE THE MISSION.  Or maybe the mission is just like marriage, I don’t know.

We both feel it.  We reminisce about it.  We live in the ghetto (sort of…) and we walk to a little corner market that apparently is similar to the markets in Brazil.  Every time we walk there Dallin tells me stories (and I think he should write a book, because he has some crazy stories from Brazil).


The first day we went to work in the morning, we get up, get ready, and we’re heading out the door.  We both look at each other sort of awkwardly, and then I say… “I feel like we should say a prayer or something.”  Dallin bursts into laughter and says, “Hahaha I was just thinking the same thing.”  (Then we walked out the door and didn’t pray because no we are not mission companions we are eternal companions and yes praying is good and everything but we don’t need to pray every hour now and yes I promise we are righteous people don’t worry.)

Some people ask us if working together is hard. Maybe I’m still so fresh off the mission that it doesn’t even phase me, but right now I’m soaking it all in.  Because I get to spend every moment with my husband, and I don’t know how long that’s going to last 🙂




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