La torta è un libro che puo cambiare la vosta vita

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Once again, we have had another great week in Rimini.  And when I say great, I mean it, because it’s all about how you look at it.

Thursday, we had a scambio with the travelling sorelle.  It was so needed and I learned so much.  We found two new investigators.  My companion found a woman on her balcony who already had a Book of Mormon and invited the missionaries in before they even had to ask.  She has had a hard, hard life, and the light of the gospel is slowly bringing back some hope into her life.
Friday, WARD ACTIVITY!!! That was one of my favorite parts of the week.  The activity was a competition, where members brought cakes and we tried them all and then judged them.  My stomach has been feeling funky every since 🙂  Little did we know, we were sitting in a row on a stage while the members just brought us cake after cake after cake, and everyone watched us eat them. (And then they have the gall to tell us – oh, you look bigger since the last time I saw you.  I wonder why… it’s because you keep telling us to eat and eat and eat and eat!! I love Italians :))  I had so much fun.  It was so yummy.  But the best part? Three member referrals, and they all want to meet with us.  This member work will pay off eventually!
Saturday, I got to have my interview with President.  That was much needed and I learned a lot from that.
Sunday – Once again, everyone cancelled on us.  It rained. They refuse to do things when it rains!  So we went out anyways, and we knocked doors.  Maybe since it’s raining, they’ll let us in, we thought.  One person let us in.  But then we had to leave.  It was an 18 year old boy, and his parents weren’t home. But he said we could come back! We tried, they wouldn’t let us in that time, but we were being obedient and following the Spirit, and that’s really important.
Yesterday, we had an appointment with one of our members referrals, the husband of our branch relief society president.  They made us the most delicious meal that I have ever had in my entire life. Homemade lasagna and egg-plant and bruschetta, all very Italian and amazing.  The lesson, well, I wish I could say he opened up more, but he won’t read The Book of Mormon.  He won’t even crack it open and just try. Ah! This is the thing.  I wish that everyone would just try.  I wish that people would just open their hearts just a little bit, and give the book a chance.
The Book of Mormon really has changed my life.  I know that as we read it with an open heart and really pray about it, willing to change our lives if we know it is true, God will answer.  This is true for no matter what step we are at in our conversion. If we read it, willing to change our lives each time, the Lord will answer our prayers and pour blessings upon us.
As I have been studying my purpose as a missionary this past week, I have learned so much. When I really think about it, I am a 20 year old girl in a foreign country speaking a language I don’t know.  But.  I am a missionary, and I have been set-apart from the world to Preach His Gospel.  I am never doing anything, and I can’t focus on my weaknesses.  I can, but only to turn them into strengths.  I can’t forget my calling.  I am a missionary, and I have been armed with the power of God to preach His gospel.   We all have this power.  Go out, and serve someone.  Go out and tell them that God loves them.  And  hey, if you want to know that He is there, and that He loves you, read The Book of Mormon with an open heart.  I promise, I know con tutto il mio cuore e la mia anima che questo libro è la parola di Dio. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Redeemer of the World.
Don’t every doubt it.  And if you do, read and act.  Cambierà la tua vita.
Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong
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