La pioggia e conferenze generale

Image 2This week in Rimini has been…. cold, and rainy, and wet, and yet beautiful. And did I mention rainy? I miss the sun a little bit. (But hey, at least I’m not serving in Russia where it’s probably snowing right now.)  Last week, after P-day ended and we taught a lesson, my companion got sick 🙁 And then I caught it.  Sinus infection, we think.  Still slightly suffering the affects with a pretty big headache and my ears hurt… we might be taking a trip to the doctor soon 🙂 We spent every day at home except we left the house to go to conference at the church.  We don’t get to see the Sunday Afternoon session, but I plan to read all of the talks!  I loved conference, it was just what I needed.  I have never been so excited for general conference before, it was more exciting than Christmas.  I love General Conference, I felt so connected to everyone at home, because I knew that we were all watching the same thing, and we all believe in the same thing, and we’re all fighting for the same cause.

Some miracle stories for the week:
Last week, we found a woman who had met with the missionaries a year ago during a really difficult time of her life.  Life got busy, and they lost in contact.  As we met with her, she told us that she has been praying to her Padre Celeste a lot lately, especially for help and comfort.  Immediately after praying for help and direction in her life, we called her, asking to meet.  She is so excited to listen.  The crazy part of the story? We know her husband, he comes to English class.  We don’t know what will happen, but I do know that God answers prayers.
You know the man I wrote about last week, who I thought wouldn’t ever read the Book of Mormon? HE STARTED READING THE BOOK OF MORMON. I don’t know what will come of it, but he opened the book.  He opened it, and is giving it a chance.  When we heard, Sorella Ervin may or may not accidentally have thrown the phone across the room… I am so, so happy about this 🙂
Yesterday, we had one of the most beautiful lessons that I have ever been in.  We met with a referral from one of our members.  When we asked her why she was interested in learning more, she simply said: Because of the example of my friend here. She came to the activity and loved the family atmosphere of the church.  She is searching for the truth.  She is willing to read, to come to church, and to really search.  The spirit was… there.  Words came to my mouth that I have never event thought to say before. God is with us always when we really listen.  I have been praying for an experience like that.
I love being a missionary.  Although it is the hardest thing of my life, I have really never been happier. There is nothing that brings me more joy than talking to people about the thing that I treasure most, about the thing that makes me who I am in every possible way.  And although when people reject it it breaks my heart, we get to talk about doctrines and God and love and the Savior.  I wear this badge, and I get to talk to anyone I want about the gospel.
I challenge you all to pray about someone you can invite to  hear more from the missionaries.  The members here have to put so much trust in us, because we don’t speak their language fluently and we’re young.  But we are called to do this.  The Lord helps us.  And I know the Lord will help you.
Questo vangelo è vero.
Vi voglio bene con tutto il mio cuore,
Sorella Strong
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