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For the first day of curing my writer’s block, I’d like to start with some introductions.

My name is Emma. I am a self-declared insomniac, lover of soda, cereal, pizza, and ice cream. Food is basically my love language.  “My diet starts on Monday” is pretty much my motto in life.

Reading and Netflix are my “hobbies” (I hate that word).  I’ve also started podcasting and audiobooking and my life has changed forever since I force myself to workout or do dishes whenever I’m listening.

I am no photographer or instagrammer or even lifestyle blogger.  I just really like to write and share things for my future posterity. I like to tweet occasionally and now that I’m married Pinterest has become a lot more fun. (Babies and weddings and apartment decorating and healthy recipes…)

I am married to that cutie up there named Dallin. Or, as I sometimes refer to him, the envelope guy.  We’ve been married for a 1 year and 4 months and have been living in Tempe, Arizona.  We will be moving in a few short weeks! (More to come on that in a future blog post.)

I just graduated from Arizona State University studying Anthropology. I am fascinated by other cultures and decided to dedicate 4 years of my life learning about them. I consider myself a lifelong learner and I am constantly engaged in new projects to keep learning.


I currently work for a group of universities doing international recruitment for them. This involves some travel and lots of late nights skyping people. It’s a glorious life, let me tell you.

The most important aspect of my life is my faith.  I spent 18 months in northern Italy sharing it with the people there and it changed my life forever.  Each week, I wrote a letter home for my family which were published on this blog.  Hence the name,emma letters was born. Because of my 18 months there, I can say that I love all things Italian and will argue to my grave how much better gelato is than ice cream (it’s really important to me).


I am excited to participate in the blogtember challenge that I somehow stumbled across on the internet. I am obsessed with reading others’ blogs and I can’t wait to find more blogs to follow.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts and what you’re up to. I’m excited for this month! Follow along and click on the button below.


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