if I were an ice cream flavor | blogtember #21

I would be cinnamon.

Because it’s unique, but still plain and sweet.

And my cinnamon ice cream I mean that I would be cinnamon gelato with almond gelato in a handmade cone from Edoardo’s in the center of Florence.  This is is my absolute favorite ice cream in the world and I have nightmares at least once a week that I am in Italy but that I didn’t get to go to Florence to get my favorite gelato.

This was my friend Kimber’s last day in Italy.  My companion and I took her to our favorite gelato place and she cried as she ate it. It was her last gelato and I feel that way every time I think about it.  I’m also worried that when I go back to Italy gelato won’t be as good as I remembered and that I’ve hyped it up in my mind way too much.


If anyone is traveling to Italy, I have my favorite gelato spots in Verona, Rimini, Florence, and Mestre/Venice.  So hit me up.  I HAVE THE SPOTS FOR YOU.

And now you can drool over pictures of ice cream.



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