I miracoli con le bici, etc. (letter from 9/24/14)

Carissima famiglia,

Well, this week I got an lovely knew companion and we are working super duper hard!

Let me tell you about a couple miracles we’ve seen this week. So, we’re trying to be better at finding people, because we need to find 3 new investigators every week. My companion is amazing at stopping people while we are on the bikes. She rings the bell whenever she sees someone she wants to stop. She just rides up to them with helmet on and everything. We’ve seen some pretty cool miracles from this too 🙂 We’ve found lots of potentials through this and are truly trying to master being “forever finders.” There are people all around us every day who might need a smile or a helping hand. Sometimes we’re so busy and just going, going, going at life, that we forget to slow down and look around us. My companion is so amazing at doing this and I hope to be better too 🙂 The Savior is our perfect example of this. He always, always served at every opportunity.

Yesterday, when we were locking up bikes up at the church, a man walked into the gate and asked us about English class. We told him a little bit about it, and he was super excited. Then he asked who we were. He asked about the Book of Mormon and we explained it to him. His eyes just lit up, and he told us he had been on the search for the true church of God for the past 20 years of his life. We promised him that this church was the restored Church of Christ, and that he could know for himself. We will see him tonight and hope to teach his family about the good news of the gospel. There truly are people searching for the truth and don’t know where to find it.

This week I’m a little frustrated with the agency of others. It’s okay, Heavenly Father is teaching me patience and love through this. It’s so hard to watch people you’ve worked with for so long just disappear and stop keeping commitments. I keep wondering what I did wrong or how I could have helped them more, but I know all I can do is invite and they must be the one to act. We are praying and putting our faith in Heavenly Father to find new people that are ready for the gospel.

Heavenly Father truly is in control of our lives. We just have to open our eyes, and we will see His influence all around us. Don’t doubt that He is there, and that He loves you.

Sorry no pictures today by memory card reader broke. Managgia!

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong

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