I love you, Mom.

September 14, 2011. It is my mom’s 40th birthday. Isn’t she so young? I am in college and my mom is only 40 years old.
I know I may have trouble writing this when tears already come to my eyes as I think about what I want to say.   As I think about how there are not enough words to describe my wonderful mother.
My mother is strong in every sense of the word.  Her name literally is “Strong” 🙂  She can endure through anything.  Her example is one of strength, courage, steadfastness, and determination.
She is the mother of seven amazing children, all of whom are still growing and looking to her for courage.  We don’t want to admit it, we don’t want to admit how much we depend upon her and how much we love her.  We don’t tell her that we need her, and yet as much as we want to be independent, her opinion is always the one that matters most.
She endlessly makes sacrifices for us. Endlessly.  She is a daughter of God who is fulfilling her role as wife and mother completely.  Her love is so evident for me, and all of her children, through everything she says  and does for us.  It seems hard to imagine, because growing up, teenagers really think their parents hate them.  We think they don’t understand what we are going through.  That’s absolutely crazy.  Everything they do for us, including punishment, is out of love. Completely out of love.
I’ve always thought of my mom as my moral compass.  Before every decision I make, I wonder what my mom would think of me.  Sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t.  And when I don’t, her disappointment is punishment enough.  I know my mom follows her Heavenly Father and seeks His will in every decision she makes.  We don’t always agree about everything, but I know she truly does want what is best for me.
I seek her advice in everything that I do. I call her a couple of times a day.  I seek her approval and her consent for the decisions that I making.  Most of the time I follow, but not always.  There’s always room for improvement 🙂
My mom has amazing intuition. She knows me better than I know myself.  She senses when I am sad, when I am happy, and when I am excited.  Not only me, but for all of her children, friends, and family.  She knows  the right things to say to someone in order to help them.
My mom has taught me so much, from the practical, spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic.
My mom has taught me how to cook.  I know how to survive on things other than Ramen and Pop Tarts.
She has shown me through example the importance of prayer and scripture study.  I have observed her testimony and it has strengthened mine immensely.
My mother is a beautiful example of service.  She is constantly thinking of others; she is always building up those around her.  She exemplifies Christ in her service and constantly seeks to be a better disciple for Him.
She has stayed up late nights with me, quizzing me before a big test.
I have always appreciated and valued her straightforward instruction and advice — Her patience when we are shopping and I don’t like anything that I see.
She has a wonderful sense of humor; I miss sitting around the dinner table listening to her Donald Duck impression 🙂
Today it is her birthday, and I wish with all my heart I could be there for it.
I know that my mom will always be there for me. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  I am so grateful for her example. I am so grateful that she will be my mother eternally, and that I will be with her forever.
I aspire to be like my mom in everything that I do.  I hope I can serve as much as she does, and one day be half the mother she has been to me for my children.
I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday 🙂

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