I gatti, i meno attivi, e miracoli

Buona sera cara famiglia,

Come state? It has been another week filled with miracles. Lots of service filled, sweet miracles. I just love my mission and making these best friends for life.

Let me just tell you about a couple of these sweet miracles.

We are best friends with a ton of less-actives and are seeing a lot of success from it. It was the sweetest thing, we were visiting a woman and her mother, who can’t come to church only because they are older. But they cooked us a delicious lunch that I could barely eat because it was so much food. We laughed and were just completley ourselves with her, and I had never seen her so happy. We sang Christmas songs together and at the end she gave Sorella Bennett 2 tuscan paintings and me a handcrafted doll from Italy. She told us she hadn’t had fun with sisters like this for 20 years. It made me feel special 🙂

Sunday night we went less-active hunting. No one was home but we got to bike along the river at sunset time. It was getting the end of the night, and we had one more lesson to teach before we reached our goal. The streets were empty except a man smoking without a shirt on. We went and talked with him, kind of judging him at first, but he ended up being interested and we have an appointment with him and his wife this week!”. Talking with people about their families really opens people’s hearts, I’m tellin you 🙂

Other random moments from the week that I just loved:
– Visiting African families and singing gospel together
– Buying herbal tea and orzo for investigators to keep the word of wisdom
– Meeting a crazy man who came to church on Sunday
– Having a big allergic reaction after touching the fattest cat on the face of the planet. Seriously. I just was petting him and all of a sudden my hand was breaking out in hives and I was getting them all over my body. Then my eyes started closing up. I was trying so hard to fake it and when we got out of that lesson I appropriately freaked out. Luckily Sorella Bennett had benedril and all was well this morning. I didn’t know I was so allergic to cats
– Getting gelato twice in one day
– Meeting a member who completely opened up to us cried as she told us about her entire family
– Cleaning a woman’s kitchen who really can’t do it on her own, and surprising her with a birtday cake and candles

I really believe that every little thing we do will make a difference in the grand scheme of things. I love being an instrument of the Lord’s to touch people’s lives.

Vi voglio bene!
Sorella Strong


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