Hello famiglia!


Hello famiglia!

I am sorry for such a short email this week, but there is just no time!! We have been running around like craz… because Sorella Gillette is getting transfered this week to be in her 3rd trio in Ravenna. Sorella Lopez is coming here to be my companion, and she goes home in 6 weeks so I have to make the end of her mission good. Pray for me 🙂

Today we went to Venice with the Hanson family (this is a shout out for them because I know they are loyal blog-followers of every sister missionary in this mission.) They are awesome and thank you thank you thank you for the delicious lunch in Piazza San Marco.

This week has been filled with some awesome miracles. Church on Sunday was so great! All of our investigators were fully participating and fellowshipped by the members.

I’m sorry we don’t have any time to write today but I love you all and I promise next week will be so much better. I love Sorella Gillette and I am seriously super sad and angry that she is leaving me for her last transfer but I know the Lord needs her in Ravenna.

I love you all. I said hi to Venice for you. It’s really really pretty. LIke, I think it’s pretty than Firenze. Yep, i just said it. Okay, I don’t know I don’t know 🙂

And, on a spiritual note, read Alma 24. What swords can we give up to the Lord? Thanks to the atonement, our weaknesses truly do become strengths.

Sorella Strong


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