Family Reunions

Yes, it’s January 14th, and I’m back at BYU. Starting new classes (that I’m very excited about) and reflecting on my winter break.
The major highlight was the 56 person Powley family reunion that took place in Arizona over break. It was quite memorable. We had all ages, from my great-grandmother, Ellen Lockwood (matriarch of the family) who is 92 years old, to my cousin Jack — who is almost 7 months old. We had t-shirts that said: “Powley Family Reunion 2012: This is not the end.” (Get the reference, 2012, end of the world?)  The way I interpreted it was: Our family is forever and never-ending. I guess that means I better have children soon? (Just kidding :))
There were all sorts of activities, such as playing kickball, roller-skating, watching movies, hiking, playing fugitive, pinatas, hula dancing, playing reverse charades, watching BYU and Sacramento Kings games, and lots of yummy food.

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