envelope guy: part 3 (love)

And these last couple of months have been wonderful with many adventures.

You can read Dallin’s blog about those, because let’s be honest, he’s a much better writer than I am, and he’s hilarious.

Dallin’s car got towed. “Well at least we know how the other reacts in a stressful situation.” We each passed each other’s tests.


From reading books in the basement, the festival of trees, a couple road trips to St. George, meeting the family in Arizona, going to Comic Con, convincing him to let me drink Sodalicious, going to the opera, and our “studying” hikes in the mountains, we’ve had fun. And we’re falling love. (see, it’s in the present tense.  Falling in love never ends, and it never should.)

collage2And we’re going to keep having fun. Be ready for some hilarious blog posts next summer when we backpack Europe, because yes, we will do that, no matter what.

Someone asked me what love feels like.  I don’t think anyone who has ever been in love could ever use words to describe it.  But for me, a part of it is simultaneous passion and peace.  The most passion and the most peace that I have ever felt in my entire life.

And it’s the peace that lets me know that I want to spend forever with him.

I know it won’t be easy.  I know I just wrote these three blog posts that makes everything seem so happy go lucky, and it is, but life is here, and I know that. And I’m excited that we can face life and all of its challenges together now, and to help each other grow and become the best versions of ourselves while still falling in love with each other more every single day.

Love isn’t just a feeling, it is a choice.  And I will choose to love Dallin every day for the rest of my life.

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