Dear Sarah Abbott,

Hey girl hey!

Okay, so remember when we went on that adventure?  It was the beginning of November.  And I just needed to get out and go on an adventure and cry and talk about life and you went with me?

IMG_0295 IMG_0303 IMG_0306 IMG_0285 IMG_0277 IMG_0276

And remember when you told me that I deserved a guy who would do anything for me? And that I would want to do anything for him?

Yeah – I won’t forget that piece of advice.  I keep reminding myself about that every day.

And I’m pretty sure you’re the only roommate who has seen me cry.  I just go upstairs and start crying on your shoulder for reasons I will not disclose.  But you listen and you relate and you make me feel better.

And remember our quote wall from freshman year?

And all of the adventures you would go on?


And when you let me interview you for my Anthropology paper? And we just laughed and cried together.

Remember when you come home so late and I’m still up doing who knows what (studying?) and then we just talk it all out.

And you come in and say “tell me all about your life,” and you listen.  And I listen.


IMG_0586 2

You’re a babe.

You play the violin so freaking well it’s crazy.


You are HILARIOUS. Like, seriously.  There are so many quotes I want to put up right now but for sake of privacy I won’t.  But you’re hilarious.


You are sweet and genuine and you care about people.


You never want to hurt anyone.


You write the nicest, sweetest, notes in the world, and they will brighten anyone’s day.

Thank you for being my roommate these past 2 years.  I will miss you!



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