current goals | blogtember #2

Today’s blogtember prompt is: Share a list of your current goals.

I love goal setting it’s a little ridiculous.  I like to make big goals and break them up into smaller goals and break those into even smaller goals and then put those goals on my calendar and write them down everywhere and then I get overwhelmed because I just love self-improvement so much and there is absolutely no way that I really can accomplish all of those goals and..


So I’m a little crazy.  But I am becoming more generous with myself as I set realistic goals for this month while dreaming big at the same time. I like to break my goals into categories, so I’ll share a few goals for each category.


  • Set aside one night a week to do family home evening with Dallin.
  • Study one conference talk in depth each week.
  • Set aside 30 minutes a day for daily scripture study.


  • Call my siblings in college once a week to catch up.
  • Do one small act of service for Dallin each day.


  • Plan one fun activity each week with someone other than Dallin.
  • Attend loved ones weddings!


  • Reach FitBit step goal of 10,000 every day this month.
  • Continue my gluten-free and dairy-free diet
  • Workout 4x a week for 1 hour, spending 45 minutes in the cardo and peak heart rate zones.
  • Stick to a nightly routine to improve insomnia problems.



  • Plan my time wisely and work as efficiently as possible.
  • Become more vocal of my opinions in weekly staff meetings.
  • Facilitate weekly contact with clients to increase student enrollment.


  • Write every day for the Blogtember challenge!
  • Start reaching out online to other bloggers and building community

So there you have it, a really up close and personal look of my goals this month! I know I have a lot of goals, but most of these are goals that I have been working on all year and have much more specific aspects to them.  I am especially proud of my self-discipline in the physical category.  I have prioritized my health and I have never been happier despite all of the stress in my professional life.


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