cucinare fa la differenza. ed anche lo Spirito :)

Ciao cara famiglia,

It’s been a pretty good week filled with lots and lots of miracles.
For example.

Last week, one of our investigators told us she wanted to know all the requirements for baptism so we went over them with her this week. Now we just have to get her married and work through a couple of things, but she has the testimony, the desire, and the willpower.

I did a scambio with my dear Sorella Ervin.

We made carrot cake, banana cake, lemon rolls, lasagna, and homemade gnocchi. Let me tell you, Sorella Bennett and I cook to people’s hearts. For example, I have been trying to ask Fratello Frani to play the piano for me this entire time, and finally, with little bit of carrot cake, he did. It was absolutely beautiful. Just watching him get lost in the music and seeing how much it meant to him, it was beautiful. THANK YOU SORELLA BENNETT: This girl is teaching me how to really cook. We have fun.

A less-active person Sorella Gilllette and I started working with came to church for the first time in 10 years this week.

We found another less-active and are trying to work with these whole families to bring them back. The spirit is truly guiding these lessons. We were just sitting there, and we felt prompted to share the story of the Prodigal son in the lesson. Turns out she had dreamed about it that week. We went back to see her a couple of days later, and she poured out her heart to us. Half of it was in Portugese, but we still understood a lot of it. Can I just tell you ? We all need love. Let’s reach out and just love everyone around us because that’s all that someone needs to come back and receive the blessings of church.

On the way home from church on Sunday we passed this African on our bikes and after passing him my stomach just dropped and I felt super guilty. I kept going, but I just couldn’t. I got off and made my companion turn around with me. He had just come from church and was super interested to learn more about the Book of Mormon and read it.

It was an awesome week! So many more miracles happened, this isn’t even a taste of it. But, we have had a lot of fun baking for all of these people and learning how to make gnocchi and other things. Good things are happening here in Mestre!

I know that following the Spirit really brings the miracles. We just have to be close enough to listen.

Vi voglio bene e so che il Vangelo è vero con tutto il mio cuore.

Sorella Strong




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