Clark Kent

I’ve had this blog-post sitting in my drafts folder ever since I watched all four Superman movies featuring Christopher Reeves and the 2006 version Superman Returns with Brandon Routh in California with Seth, Isaac, and Aunt Sarah.  After that movie marathon I fell in love with Superman.

this is Brandon Routh with his “hipster” glasses
see – he’s just as attractive as superman!
haha – he IS superman.

See, something I’ve always found fascinating about all superhero movies in general is that the public needs a hero.  Gotham needs Batman.  Metropolis (or the whole world, I suppose) needs Superman.  These heroes are their Saviors.  And although there aren’t any superheroes around these parts flying and catching reports and helicopters, we have everyday heroes that mean so much to us.  We find hope in our heroes.  And since we put so much hope in our heroes, we need to have good heroes.  Not the amazing basketball superstar Kobe Bryant or baseball legends that end up being on steroids.  We can find our heroes in the good people around us.  Our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, mentors, professors, siblings, prophets, and pastors.  And we can find the hero in ourselves, too.

My favorite superhero is Superman.  I love Clark Kent too.

I fell in love with the movies featuring the 6’4″ Christopher Reeves (I mean, 6’4″ tall, dark, and handsome – I’m not gonna complain).  I fell in love with the superhero Superman – he’s now officially my favorite one.  And I also fell in love with Superman’s alter-ego Clark Kent.

Christopher Reeves as Superman.
His only disguise – glasses. It fools Lois Lane.

I mean – some people need a superman in their lives, but give me a Clark Kent and I’ll be happy.  I find his hipster glasses quite attractive, actually.  I never quite understood what he saw in Lois Lane, either.

Superman’s only weakness is Kryptonite.  He can take a bullet to his eyeball.  You can shoot him with anything and he’ll be fine.  He can pick absolutely anything up. And, that’s pretty cool. I also think he’s the one with the most good in him.  Every hero has his tragic flaw, and his is Kryptonite.  Which Lex Luther uses to his advantage every time.

Clark Kent is just adorable. He’s smart (well, the glasses make him look smart at least), kind, caring, and sensitive.  And underneath all that is the Man of Steel.  Clark Kent is like the kid next door who’s quite attractive but you never give him the time of day because he’s just too nice.   And although Clark is quite clumsy I find that quite endearing.

And yes, I know Clark Kent/ Superman doesn’t exist in real life. But someday I’ll find my Superman.  Or my Clark Kent 🙂  Yes – someday I’ll find my Clark Kent.

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