Cinque terre (letter from 5/7/2014)

Cara famiglia,

I apologize for such a short email this week, but we went to… CINQUE TERRE for pday and there is just no time. Can I just tell you? This place is magical. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to be serving in the most beautiful place in the world. We saw the ocean 🙂 Ocean and mountains and houses on cliffs. Ah, mamma mia, it was beautiful. We took Maggie with us 🙂 We missed our train back to Firenze so we just went to a little internet point here in La Spezia before we have to catch the next one. We’ll only have a little bit of time once we get back so I’ll check it again 🙂

The missionary work is going forward here in Firenze! I want to share a couple of cool miracles with you this Sunday. One of our new converts is struggling coming to church because she has to work on Sundays, and so we taught her about fasting with a specific purpose to come back to church to find a new job. My companion, Carla, and I, all fasted for this this fast Sunday, and guess who showed up in church on Sunday? The Lord answers all of our prayers, I know it 🙂 We also had an investigator finally come to church this Sunday, and we’ve been working with her for about 5 months now. I know I just need to be patient with the Lord’s timing, and everything will work out. She’s making progress, finalmente 🙂

Also, yesterday we had the most amazing zone conference! I came home afterwards, got on my knees, asked for some forgiveness, and was a little hard on myself. We went to another fireside that night with Genny, and all of her prayers were answered, it was amazing. We introduced her to one of the general authorites along with 2 of our new converts. He looked into my eyes and said, Sorella Strong, you’re doing amazingly. We’re so proud of you. It was an answer to my prayers, and I knew God is grateful for our efforts as missionaries.

I love you all! I will send another email with pictures if I have time once I get back to Firenze!

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong

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