Can’t Live Without

This last week, my computer kinda…crashed. Yep, it crashed.
Then, this person I met once who’s my friend on facebook graciously offered to fix it for me. AND, my amazing roommate Karina just happens to have an extra computer lying around.
So, this week as I have sojourned along on my journey through life, I have realized computers are basically vital to surviving college these days.
Most of my homework is typed or submitted online, and then all those papers I have to write…
Not only that, but I haven’t had as much access to facebook lately. Which is probably a good thing…
But more importantly, what do we depend on? Do I really need a computer to survive, or have I just become so entirely dependent on one that it seems necessary…
Probably the second one, but I hate to admit that.
There’s all things we can’t live without.

I can’t live without my fan. Living in Arizona most of my life has made me addicted to the noise and the cold air against my face, especially when I’m sleeping. 
Cole can’t live without us. (sort of.)
Ellie can’t live without a clean kitchen. (no really, she’s used to things being spotless. I need to work on my…cleanliness so she can live better)
Karina can’t live without her chocolate milk. She’s gone through half a thing of Nesquick in almost the 2 months we’ve been here.
Hannah can’t live without marching band. No joke, marching band IS her life. She’s always tapping out rhythms and singing the french horn parts to all of her songs. 
Sarah can’t live without her giant gumball. One time we hid it from her, and she about had a panic attack.
Jasmine can’t live without exercise, and I really admire that about her.
Cragun can’t live without talking, and I’d say we love him for it.

These are all a little slightly sarcastic, but I think we become quite dependent on outside things — to the point that we lose focus on what’s important.
Yes, I miss my computer. But maybe taking a media fast for a week might be an interesting experiment.

I’d probably suffer a lot of anxiety — because technology is how I feel connected with the world. And is definitely a problem.

May we all remember the important things in life.
Plus, staring a fluorescent screen all of the time is quite bad for one’s eyes.

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