Breakfast for Dinner

I really appreciate the value of a home cooked meal now that I’m in college. I cook for myself – which is fun,  but sometimes I just eat cereal. Because cereal is easy and fast, and I have homework to do.

Things I have successfully cooked (or helped cook) while I have been here:
Hawaiian Haystacks
Cafe Rio Style Dinner
Homemade Gelato (which kind of worked 🙂 … I still have a ton in my freezer…)
smoothies 🙂 lots and lots of smoothies 🙂

My roommates and grandmothers have cooked yummy things for me too. Like:
Pork with mushrooms
Barbeque Chicken Pizza (with cilantro, bbq sauce made with molasses, red onion, and chicken)
Delicious homemade oatmeal
Tin foil dinners
Lots of chicken salad 🙂
Lasagna, bread, beans, and spinach salad

Meals I am not so proud of:
Ramen (I did it once, I know, I succumbed.)
Bagel and Cream cheese
Peanut butter sandwich
Cheerios, again.
Ice Cream (I know, I know, I know…)
Pizza (because hey, Mormons give out free food a lot, and 80% of the time it is pizza 🙂 )

On my list of things to cook in the future:
Scones. With chili and cheese.
Scones. With powdered sugar and honey.
Potato Chip Chicken.

If you have any ideas of easy, (preferably healthy) meals, please comment.  It’d be very much appreciated 🙂

if only we could do this every day

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