Athletes Incognito (NOT)

I know how to find the athletes on campus. It’s quite simple.  Just look for the people that wear BYU sweatpants or jackets.  Girls generally have their hair in buns on the top of their heads.
Athletes don’t wear normal clothes – they don’t have to.  Athletes have that wonderful privilege of getting away with wearing sweats every day to school and still not getting a bad rep for being lazy.
Now, call me a crazy, obsessed, strange, and classic freshman girl, but if I see an athlete walking around I freak out a little in my head. I think, look! It’s someone kinda famous! They’ve probably been on TV before. Wow, I’m so cool, I’m walking in the midst of collegiate athletes.
My goal is to find an athlete incognito – i.e., in regular clothes. I’m gonna find an athlete that actually dresses up for the day. I have no idea how I’m going to do that, but I will.

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