an extrovert

In high school I took that personality test- you know, you’re either a INFP, or an ESFJ, or an ENTJ.  Or something of 16 variants (something like that).
Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
Sensing or iNtuition?
Thinking or Feeling?
Judging or Perceiving?

I liked what I got back.  I won’t say what I was.  Except that I’ve realized one thing since I’ve taken that test and come to college.

I’m an extrovert.
(Most of the time).
And yes, it might depend on how you define extrovert.

I’ve developed into an extrovert.

I thrive off of social interaction.
Maybe I’m a little closed off and shy at first and maybe I don’t like opening myself up to a bunch of people.  But I realized, it’s only the deepest parts of myself.  And not many people open up like that. (Heck- I write a blog…)

 Last week I was sick. I went to school but I didn’t feel like myself.  I went home and curled up in a ball trying to stay warm but study Italian at the same time.
And I missed people.

Maybe I don’t go up and talk to every person I meet and at a party I’m definitely not the leader or the one to start dancing in the middle first.

I like being there.  I like being there and observing people and talking to new people and getting to know them.  I love that.  I want to get to know people.  I want to understand them.  Understanding people.  Feeling connected with them.  I want to understand what makes us all human. (This is why the hashtag fascinates me.  But that’s another story.)
I want to know you.  Why are you you?

And I can sit in the library and read all about the Peoples of India and what makes them unique – but it’s not the same as being there, understanding it, and living it.

So yes, a test may tell me I’m an introvert.
But, I am most definitely an extrovert.
Because being around people makes me happy.
Telling people what I think (even if it’s crazy) makes me happy.
Listening to others’ ideas makes me happy.
Understanding people, and being a part of the culture and the craziness – that makes me happy.

And I think we all crave a little social interaction now and then, even if we’re an introvert.  Because we’re all human.  And that’s something we all can connect with – despite culture, religion, race, color, or even gender.  And while I believe these social groups are absolutely a part of our unique identities, I think it’s fascinating to discover what unites us all as humans.

(maybe I should just be a freakin Anthropology major…)

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